The North Shore Stairs story began in 2008, when the owners of a small Lake County stair company suddenly decided to close its doors. 

The firm’s master craftsmen, mid-project on several stairways for homes and businesses, had earned a reputation for their devotion to their clients. They were crushed that the sudden closing would put their clients through the hassle, delays, and expense of starting over.

They put their heads together, and in what has become true North Shore Stairs fashion, they crafted a solution, banding together to build a new company where the focus truly was on the client and their end-to-end experience.

Since that day, the top priority at North Shore Stairs has been client ease and satisfaction.

Though the firm has since grown to service homes and businesses across Chicagoland, the master craftsmen who still lead it have deliberately kept it small enough to remain close to their customers and their goals, and to focus on the high quality of the products and the well-being of the artisans who bring client visions to life.

The North Shore Stairs team has decades of experience, completing thousands of unique stair projects, always with an unmatched level of skill and craftsman’s eye. Creative solutions are an everyday occurrence at the firm, and it’s become a standard practice for architects and designers to challenge the team with big ideas. Time and time again, they’ve responded with a complete scope of design and function that flawlessly fit the vision, design, and function. 

Exceptional craftsmanship. Outstanding design.